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by Emilie Steinbach, Neuroscientist, Doctor in Systems Biology.

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Brain and Mind Health atWork

Lifestyle has a crucial impact on Brain & Mind ​Health. At Feed Your Brain scientists share ​trustworthy knowledge in an accessible manner ​to reach sustainable productivity, cognitive ​performance and wellbeing at work.

Contact us to educate your teams through our ​interventions on the pillars of health from ​Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity to Stress ​Management & more.

About Emilie


Emilie Steinbach is a doctor in system biology and a neuroscientist, ​fascinated by the impact of lifestyle on brain and mind health.

Ph.D., The Gut Microbiome, Nutrition & Metabolic Health (INSERM/Sorbonne Université),

Dual M.Sc, Neurosciences (M.Sc University College London & M.Sc Maastricht University),

Diploma, Neuro-Nutrition (Diploma, S.I.I.N.) & The Science of Happiness at Work (Berkeley),

Research projects, Mitochondrial Biology (U.C.London) & Sleep Physiology (U.L.Bruxelles), & more.


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